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Irresistible Mission:
sharing our passion

How do you put on your today’s table those ancient flavors that are born from the passion for the traditional Mediterranean cuisine? Those which with their scent bring us back to a festive atmosphere breathed by children or teens, when the greedy hand stretched toward delicious fried appetizing? How is it possible to capture these flavors and return them warm and fragrant to those who would like to enjoy them in the fast modern times?
This was the challenge that led Carmine and Cinzia Rispo to engage in what today is the company’s mission: to capture the recent market trends and satisfy the modern eating habits respecting all the features of the home preparation and the Mediterranean tradition; It is by their long experience in gastronomy-confectionery sector that was born the idea of ​​research, in traditional cooking, recipes that could be adapted to an industrial manufacturing process, in particular deep-frozen, but without sacrificing the taste and the goodness that characterizes them.
This approach led to the creation of high-quality products, ready in a few minutes which give to  the consumer the flavor and the authenticity of the homemade food and the whim of ready-made and mouth-watering recipes.

2004/2016 the Company gives space to new projects.


After the decisive moment of transformation in 2004 marked by the transition to the new factory, in the last years we have participated to a constant development and modernisation of the factory that has particularly interested the area destined to the production activities, the raw materials storage and the storage cell of the finished products.

There has not been disregarded, besides, the automation of the productive processes: significant, has been the investment in plant and machinery, all highly technological but above all, environmentally friendly.

Provided with the newest equipment and with systems for the Air quality monitoring of the environments, with diffusion microfiltration devices in class 10.000 with special technical fabric, today the company covers a surface area of 10.000 m2 and owns low temperature cabinets. For a total of 10.000 m3.

Today Rispo assert itself in the market not only for the quality of its products but also as a structured and technologically advanced industrial site.

Quality Control:
Rispo specialties are certified by the enthusiasm  of our
consumers, restaurateurs… and more!


Tasty, crunchy, fragrant and stringy as freshly cooked by a lover of traditional Mediterranean cuisine chef. This is the final result of our creations.

But behind, there is not just passion but modern technology and strict controls.

We can boast the highest production standards in the food sector: under the close monitoring of the HACCP program, our company is provided with the quality certifications (UNI EN ISO 9001:2008) and environmental (UNI EN ISO 14001:2004) as well as the internationally recognised certification BRC level (BRITISH RETAIL CONSORTIUM) and IFS (INTERNATIONAL FEATURED STANDARD) that arise as international standards recognised by the British and German / French Large-scale distribution, respectively, but they become a selection tool of Italian vendors because of  guarantees of transparency, food safety and product quality.

The company is registered to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in order to export their own products in the United States.
Through the constant monitoring of environmental conditions, the system allows to guarantee and certify the control of the processing departments and therefore the quality of the products.

In addition, the quality and genuineness of the product are ensured by a strict control system carried out daily on raw materials and finished products. Microbiological analyses are conducted not only on incoming raw materials but also on the semifinished products generated by the intermediate steps of the production process and on finished products before their storage and their marketing.

The passion and continuous focus on quality have made Rispo “a case of italian excellence“.


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